No more...fear: the eBook

6 Ways Small Business Bankers and Sales Managers Can Build Confidence in Talking to Business Owners and Increase Sales Now

Selling to small businesses, their owners and families, and their employees is very profitable for your bank. The business-owner-and-family-plus-business wallet size is three or more times larger than the consumer wallet size.

Download this free eBook to help you take the mystery and fear out of conversations with business owners so you can meet your business sales goals and your consumer sales goals.

After reading it and completing the activities we recommend, you’ll be well equipped to start conversations because you’ll have:

  1. Focus—specific business types you’re pursuing

  2. A clear sense of business owners’ concerns, frustrations, and likely problems

  3. Mastery of your products and how to apply them to solve your prospects’ and customers’ challenges

  4. A well-articulated personal value—what you have to contribute in conversation

  5. Rock-solid conversation strategies that will help you stay on course, protect you, and help you identify multiple opportunities for sales

  6. Well-understood parameters for credit applications

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