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“My customer’s response was AMAZING! My thoughtful questions provoked so much conversation that even though it was not my intent, I did uncover a need and have submitted an application for a line of credit. Clarity’s [process] really helped me understand cash flow and validated my belief that building relationship and rapport is the first step to selling success.”

“[Clarity’s process] helped me focus and gave me direction during a recent call. I felt more at ease since I wasn't there to push a specific product but to learn how the overall business ran. Without the process, I don't think I would have been able to gather that much information from a business owner and make him understand that I was just curious and there for HIM not ME.”

“We walked out with such valuable information and the business owners felt good about how [the bank] painted the picture of truly creating a relationship. One owner said he thought we were coming in just to talk about his business checking account! Boy, was that not the case. The experience for both the bank and the business owners was extremely positive.”