No more...fear

You’ve read the book and you want more? Have no fear! Clarity Coaches are here!

No more…fear LIVE is a series of five weekly sessions that add structure, accountability, and expert coaching to accelerate the strategies offered in the No more...fear eBook and boost results.

Led by a Clarity Advantage coach, each of the small group sessions is 30-45 minutes in length and conducted via live webcast.

Here’s the Plan:

Participants read the No more…fear eBook and complete their first assignment – choosing the business types they’ll pursue. Get your free eBook now.
Session 1
Which target industries have you chosen and why?
Session 2
What are the critical business challenges and drivers in your target industries, and why?
Session 3
How do your products help companies solve their business challenges?
How do companies use them?
Session 4
How do you position your value and lead productive discussion with business owners?
Session 5
How do you incorporate your bank’s credit appetite into your conversation?

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